I hope this book blesses you, instructs you, and – yes – even makes you uncomfortable. That’s what God’s earth-shaking, bone-rattling, mind-boggling reality will do.
— Steve Noble


Table Of Contents

1. afflicting the comfortable: my intro to why everybody needs a good dose of the truth, whether they like it or not
2. the axe murderer's gospel: contrary to popular belief, people are not basically good
3. crying on the side of the road: a choice we all have to make
4. a slow start...a big leap: walking backwards with your eyes closed
5. thirty-three weeks of Matthew: you don't study the Bible? then you're going nowhere fast
6. ground zero: don't just sit something!
7. white boy in Africa: you might need to go halfway around the world
8. birth of a culture warrior: from the sidelines to the frontlines
9. mad as hell: life in a "target-rich" environment
10. crusader with a new heart: the culture war vs. the battle for souls
11. Christian shock jock: cough medicine for the church
12. what about you: does God really have a plan for your life?

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